SWAT Teams: Explosive Face-Offs with America’s Deadliest Criminals

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It is what you picture or think about, the images that you hold in your mind. The Conscious Mind can only have one image or thought at a time. For example if I was to say don't miss this shot your mind will have an image of you missing the shot. Because of this you should use the conscious mind to reinforce positive thoughts about performance. For example you can hold the thought of shooting the perfect shot.

The Subconscious Mind This is the source of your skill and power to perform.

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All great performances are accomplished subconsciously. We develop skill through repetition of conscious thought until it becomes automatically performed by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is capable of performing numerous tasks at the same time pistol draw, moving focus to sights, picking up sights, obtaining proper sight focus, holding gun steady, and pulling the trigger.

Swat Teams by Robert L. Snow | Da Capo Press

Basically the conscious mind is the thought of what you want the performance to be and the subconscious carries out the performance. The Self Image This makes you act like you. The self image is the total of your habits and your attitudes. Your performance and your self image are always equal.

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Why do winners win? They expect to win and their self image is that they are going to win. For a great performance one must truly believe and expect the great performance.

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Expecting to win in competition does not mean that you will, however if you do not expect to win you will not. In real life situations you must have the self image that you are better than any suspect and that you can not be beat. If these three areas are in correct balance then the great performance can be achieved. In competition you can think the thought of shooting a good shot, you could have the skill to carry it out, but if your self image is that you are not a good shot then most likely it will not happen. Ones self image can be changed. You simply force the change by telling yourself what it is you want.

Simply repeat this many times daily until you truly believe it. Applying the above concepts can greatly affect your performance when it matters most. Imagine yourself about to make entry on a hostage incident where the decision has been made to confront and stop the suspect. If your self image is not solid your conscious mind can easily think about the things that you are afraid of, or the mistakes that can be made.

This programs your subconscious mind to carry out exactly what you have consciously thought. Chances are the results are not going to be as favorable as they should be. On the other hand, taking the same incident, apply the above concepts to insure a great performance.

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Your self image is that you are properly trained and ready. You are the best at what you do and can not be beat. Sort order. This book was very fun to read. It gives you an inside look at what Swat Team members really are made of, and also gives examples of real events for each chapter. I enjoyed it! Sep 26, John rated it really liked it. Despite the lurid title this is a refreshingly straightforward and intelligent book about SWAT - how it started, the principles behind its operations and tactics and analyses of successful and unsuccessful operations. Every chapter starts with the obligatory 'An ordinary day in Pootle, Ill.

Unsurprisingly SWAT teams are not full of maverick movie stars leaping Jon Woo style through the air with guns blazing. S Despite the lurid title this is a refreshingly straightforward and intelligent book about SWAT - how it started, the principles behind its operations and tactics and analyses of successful and unsuccessful operations. Snow emphasises that a successful SWAT operation is a bloodless negotiation and that if that fails the teams only succeed and survive through meticulous planning and teamwork.

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  • Swat Teams: Explosive Face-offs With America's Deadliest Criminals.
  • Explosive Face-Offs with America’s Deadliest Criminals.
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A must read for any writer thinking of including SWAT in their stories. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Robert L. Robert L. Snow served for 38 years at the Indianapolis Police Department, retiring in with the rank of captain. While at the police department, he served in such capacities as Department Executive Officer, Captain of Detectives, and Commander of the Homicide Branch. Snow has also been a publishing writer for over 30 years.

Mike Tribby, writing in Booklist, praised Snow's writing as "controlled" and "spare yet descriptive. The book also received a positive review from Library Journal reviewer Harry Charles, who noted that Snow recommends self-protection measures because he considers police departments and courts generally reluctant to consider stalking seriously.

His literary career took a different turn, however, when he described a "past-life" experience in the autobiographical Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Story of a Detective's Search for His Past Life. In this book, which a reviewer for Publishers Weekly found "improbable" but at times "compelling," Snow describes how several vivid images he experienced while in a "recovered memory" session, in which he had participated as a joke, led him to use his detective skills to pursue the clues.

He uncovered evidence suggesting that, in a previous life, he had been nineteenth-century portrait painter Carroll Beckwith. The reviewer observed that Snow's evidence appeared fully authentic, but that Snow presented the case with some reluctance lest he be perceived by readers as irrational. In addition, the reviewer considered Snow's research on Beckwith's life impressive and unusually sensitive to his subject's aesthetic beliefs and fragile artistic reputation.

He touches on several notorious cults, including Jim Jones 's Peoples Temple, the Unification Church , and Heaven's Gate, but also on lesser-known groups considered dangerous by some, such as the Church of Satan and the Church Universal and Triumphant. He divides these cults into different types based on their beliefs and provides details regarding how they recruit members, how their charismatic leaders influence members, and how to deprogram someone who has been involved in a cult.

In a review for Booklist, David Pitt called the book "insightful," and Michael Sawyer, writing in Library Journal, called it "well written and researched," and claimed it should be available "in all public libraries.