Secrets of Chess Training (Batsford Chess Books)

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Mark Dvoretsky will be remembered for many reasons. He was also, by all accounts, an honest and decent man.

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Pieces, and particularly knights, become superfluous when two or more aim at one square. Instead, he took the best elements of the Soviet training system, added his own twist — the solving of problems from his famed collection of positions — and shared the fruits of his labor with the world.

We are invited to join in the search for truth, and in his writings, this task feels as important and vital as anything in the world. His nine books seven of which are revised and extended versions of books originally published with Batsford and two series with Edition Olms made him famous.

Secrets Chess Training by Mark Dvoretsky

We will examine them first before turning to more recent titles published with Russell Enterprises. While Dvoretsky and Yusupov wrote the bulk of them, guest lecturers like Kaidanov, Kramnik, and Shereshevsky also contributed. Taken together, these nine titles represent a fairly systematic curriculum for chess mastery. What does that curriculum look like? How do we do this? Through the conjoined tasks of study and solving. Solving carefully chosen exercises reinforces what has been learned and boosts calculative, evaluative and imaginative skills.

Enriching intuition in this way allows players to correctly apply relevant rules or principles in novel situations. One idea would be use the opposite-colored bishops to construct a fortress. Initial analysis showed that this was difficult: if Rd2 then Black plays 42…Rf4!

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Activating the rook was necessary. But how? Rc1 if Rxg4 Rg3 Rxg3 Kd1 Bb6 Black kept the advantage. Rc1 Kc7 Act and play in exactly the same way as usual, without even thinking about your opponent's shortage of time. By playing quickly and not giving your opponent time to think about his moves, you are in effect forcing yourself into the same time trouble.

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Your opponent is completely focused and determined in a difficult situation, whereas you on the other hand, lulled by your advantage in time and position, are waiting for the flag to fall and cannot function at full intensity. Some players consciously fall into time trouble in difficult positions, relying on this psychological effect, and quite often they manage to turn round an unfavourable position.

The original was written in Russian. The translation by Steven Lovell is competent, although occasionally choppy.

Legendary Chess Trainer, IM Mark Dvoretsky talks about his fave chess books, chess history,+ more

That does not detract to any great degree from this valuable book. This book will pay substantial dividends to anyone willing to spend the time to go through it carefully. When you have done that, put the book aside, return to it in a few months and then do it again. It is hard to believe that you won't add points to your rating.

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