Probation: Theories, Practice, and Research

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"Up to Speed": The Nexus Between Drugs and Crime: Theory, Research, and Practice

Using an action research methodology over six months, the research identified aspects that were readily utilised the idea that POs can sometimes represent a secure base figure and that attachment histories were significant. However, others offered little utility the concept of mentalisation as a facility rooted in early attachment and the classification of attachment style.

The reasons for this are explored and the process by which specialist research knowledge is applied by non-specialist practitioners is considered.

Sentencing: theory and practice (LAW)

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A History of Probation Theory and Practice, 1st Edition

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EBPP embraces the use of all available tools, from internal DOP practices to community-based programs to intensive treatment to incarceration. EBPP is based on the proven premise that the most effective interventions are those that reduce the chance that a probation client will re-offend, which leads to greater public safety.

Malcolm Cowburn, Marian Duggan, Anne Robinson, and Paul Senior

That being said, DOP recognizes that no single evidence-based intervention is guaranteed to succeed with all target populations, and certainly not in isolation. Helping clients make better choices and take advantage of opportunities is a complex process that depends on a variety of variables. DOP is constantly seeking out new and innovative policies and practices.

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DOP firmly believes that resources have the most impact when they are focused on moderate to high-risk clients, rather than low-risk clients. This principle is based on a strong foundation of evidence. The article provides examples of jurisdictions implementing EBPP within their specific legal framework. Strengthening Communities.

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