Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation Certification Handbook (1Z0-451)

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Along the way, you'll explore the nuances of writing policies that work for the project and click with your corporate culture. Written for business application developers. Learn from a range of self-test questions to fully equip you with the knowledge to pass this exam.

Popular author Jeffrey Hasan will draw you into the service-oriented architecture SOA mindset, in the context of the release of Indigo - the new Web services protocol and infrastructure support for SOA. Now is the time to consider SOA and to think about how to architect applications using XML messages and loosely-coupled services.

With this book, you can get a head start on building SOA applications, using the.

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Explore User Interaction ,Deployment and Monitoring. Pro WCF 4, 2nd Edition. Pro WCF 4. This book provides deep insight into the functionality of WCF, which shipped with.

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NET 4. Included in this title are informative examples that will aid the reader in understanding and implementing these important additions. Extend and enhance the tricks in your Oracle SOA Suite developer arsenal with expert tips and best practices. A practical Cookbook packed with recipes for achieving the most important SOA Suite tasks for developers. SOA Made Simple. Get to grips with clear definitions of "Service" and "Architecture" to understand the full SOA picture.

A concise, no-nonsense guide to demystifying Service Oriented Architecture. XML can be represented in binary form. False 6. Service component specification doesn't include: a. SCA policy framework b. None of the above 7. SCA supports implementation using all the programming languages except: a. Java b.

Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation Certification Handbook (1Z0-451) by Kathiravan Udayakumar

PHP c. Groovy 8. Service data objects specifications are part of SCA specifications. False 9. Auto-wiring feature is provided as a part of SCA specification. False Business events are currently part of SCA specifications.

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False Chapter 2 [ 37 ] EDL b. MDS c. XML d.

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Oracle SOA database False SOA Composite Application Composite Application is the next new trend in software development; though the inspiration for this model of application development has long been known to us, the methodology adopted to develop this type of application is new to the software development community. Composing the service together to build an application is a new paradigm in software development which provides greater flexibility and manageability to build and integrate applications.

This architecture will facilitate composing application components together to build the integration components or applications that can be accessed as services. It is a very thin and lightweight XML-based language that can be used to accomplish the Process Orchestration. BPEL uses web services exposed from different business applications and information systems through technology adapters.

Chapter 3 [ 41 ] Oracle SOA component description: Mediator Oracle Mediator provides a lightweight framework to mediate data between various components within a composite application. Mediator converts data to facilitate communication between different interfaces exposed by different components, which are wired together to build an SOA composite application.

A Mediator component can be used to consume a business event or to receive a service invocation. A Mediator component can evaluate routing rules, perform transformations, validate, and either invoke another service or raise another business event. For example, a Mediator can accept data contained in a text file from an application or service, transform it to a format appropriate for updating a database that serves as a customer repository, and then route and deliver the data to that database.

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Oracle Mediator facilitates integration between events and services, where service invocations and events can be mixed and matched. Oracle SOA component description: Business Rules Rules and policies are part of all business processes defined in different zones of business. Defining the business rules and policies helps in effective execution of business and it creates a reliable business environment.

Business Rules are defined by the organization as well as by governments to conduct business in an ethical and moral way. Business Rules are also created to be more competitive as well as identify the right customers and serve them with more care. Wider adoption of SOA requires centralized workflow management tools. Oracle SOA Suite provides this capability to extend the core business process execution orchestration framework to include the human component in the business process automation.

Though workflow has been a well known technology for many years and adopted widely in different business applications like Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and so on, changes in the fundamental approach to Fusion Application and SOA, call for centralized workflow management tool. Without adapters, middleware components would not be able to perform the task of enterprise application integration. Oracle SOA Suite 11g has a very extensive list of adapters that can be used in technology and application integration. Oracle B2B supports business-to-business document standards, security, transports, messaging services, and trading partner management.

Oracle B2B is a binding component that enables the implementation of e-commerce business processes. SOA Composite Editor SOA Composite Editor exposes the services through exposed service links and components' swim-lane is used to place the components that are part of the composite application.

Component Palette contains the list of components to be used in the SCA application. This palette shows the list of Service Components and Service Adapters. Select File New from JDeveloper. Chapter 3 [ 49 ] 2. Business Rule is the component used to: a.

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Route Services in a Composite b. Orchestrate Business Process flows c. Monitor and Analyze the Business Process changes d. BPEL b. Mediator c. Human Task d. File Adapter 3. Which of the following components is used to execute or orchestrate a business process?

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  4. CEP Engine d. None of the above 4. A Composite application is defined through a. False 8. SCA is the Oracle Proprietary standard. False Working with Adapters Adapters are the heart of any middleware suite. Without adapters, middleware components would not be able to perform the task of Enterprise Application Integration.

    Oracle SOA Suite 11g has an extensive list of adapters that can be used in technology and application integration. Oracle Fusion Middleware integration server integrates Resource adapters from design time through JCA binding details. Oracle provides the following list of design-time environment for specific adapters: S.

    Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation Certification Handbook (1Z0-451)