Fractions: The First Half of The Fall Revolution

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A persevering listener will soon catch on and be taken for a wild ride through the near future. Though the book was written in , the author has uncannily anticipated social networking, computerized market manipulation and blogging.

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His future world is rich in detail, its denizens not always whom they seem to be and not averse to changing sides when it suits their purpose. Character development is good for a sci fi novel, though the plot moves by mysterious means for the most part and is not generally character-driven. Who was your favorite character and why? Moe Cohn sp? He is a mercenary but in spite of his profession, he has his ideals, intellectual honesty and yes, he makes mistakes, like other human beings.

The reader was excellent, with numerous distinct voices and good acting ability.

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This almost seemed to be a radio play at times. Any additional comments? The story is complex enough that it's worth considering reading it rather than llistening to it. Given the future noir degradation of Ken Macleod's world, I don't entirely buy the level of technological achievement that it manifests: space stations, space ships and highly sophisticated computer networks seem out of place alongside ruined buildings and groups of people living tribal lives in the wild.

Loved the mixture of action and political ideas. Real characters thinking about the consequences of their choices. Since its publication, I have re-read this book countless times. And this Audio Book did not disappoint. But thought it all I have read and re-read this book. Now, it is not perfect. The story does jump around a bit, and the protagonists are very left leaning politically. But I find the story to be quite fair in its stance, as neutral Well fairly. The story is complex and has a bit of an odd ending..

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For these imperfections, I have always had a hard time recommending it to friends. Many of them didn't like it, others did.. Though I remain the most passionate about it. So read it if you want, it may define your life or may be not. If you haven't read MacLeod's books before, be warned that he has strong political views that permeate most of his storylines somewhere between Trotskyist and anarcho-capitalist.


I don't normally mind this and have thoroughly enjoyed some of the author's other books , but the Star Fraction takes this to an extreme and was simply unbearable. Some of this was humorous, but most was just plain boring. I gave up about 6 hours into the book. It is a shame as the basic plot had alot of potential. I suppose this is science fiction, if political science is your thing. I found this book on a Goodreads list of "Books Similar to Diaspora". Diaspora by Greg Egan is one of my favorite books and I am always on the lookout for works similar in scope and theme.

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The Star Fraction is in no way similar. If you are into religio-political science it may be quite good; it was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in I enjoyed the narrator. His accent and characterizations made pleasant background noise while I worked and were probably the only reason I finished listening to this one. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

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Political and technical "what-ifs" abound in this story of a man and his gun, but the interesting concepts are failed by dull narrative not narration. Echoes of Heinlein's "Moon is a Harsh Mistress," but I never understood what was at stake for the characters or the world they live in: something about AI run amok, communist mercinaries, and a shock-jock anarchist? I found the characters indistinct and predictable Action sequences are few and not engaging.

Narrator does a fine job, but I finally gave up on the story with just a half hour left. I read this as a paperback years ago, and loved the whole series it's a part of. The mix of William Gibson-like technology ideas and a wry take on politics, especially this of the thinly-disguised Socialist Workers' Party, make for an entertaining plot and likeable characters. However, something about it just doesn't seem to work as an audiobook so well. I think a major factor of this is probably the narrator, who gives many of the characters very similar accents and who I feel misinterpreted the main protagonist.

There are also several slips in pronunciation and emphasis, which meant I couldn't quite relax and enjoy the story. Overall, I was ok, just not as good as I'd hoped.